Already considered one of the most reliable and user-friendly consumer desktop 3D printers, the Ultimaker 2+ now has an entirely new feature for those who need to prototype on-the-run.

The 2 Go Backpack, which keeps an Ultimaker 2+ fully contained and protected for traveling by foot, bike or plane, is a packaging “mod” that adds two lightweight straps to the existing Ultimaker 2+ packaging.

For those who need to create prototypes both at home and at the office – or simply just want to set up a 3D printing shop dang near anywhere –  the packaging also includes space for additional tools, accessories and filament. For those who want to use their Ultimaker 2+ to further customize the backpack, the packaging design also contains existing pre-made holes for creating modular design accessories such as wheels or corner bump guards.



And for those who simply cannot live without their 3D printer when traveling, Ultimaker claims that the package is so sturdy that you can even check it in with you on the plane.

YouTube video

At just $69, the 2 Go Backpack seems like a no-brainer for on-the-go Ultimaker 2+ owners. Find out more over at Ultimaker.


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