You stop mid-sentence. Thoughts of a 3D printed Phoenix rising from the ashes explode in your mind. You tear your shirt sleeves off, raise your fist and suddenly realize your in the midst of a client design review. It happens. Especially when you’re thinking over various ideas to submit to a 3D print contest. CGTrader has just the challenge for you. They and a host of others are teaming up for the 2013 CGTrader 3D Printing Competition. There are four giant prize packs going out, with the best model and the best model portfolio receiving a load of 3D Printing goodies, including an Ultimaker 3D Printer.

CG’ers, Slice your models!

This is the first 3D print competition for CGTrader and it’s quite unique. Completely open, there is no specific design to create or model to submit. The goal is to encourage professional 3D designers (who perhaps have been specializing in other areas of 3D so far) to model for 3D printing as well. If you know of CGTrader, you know it’s a great place to find all sorts of CG models. The focus is on high-quality content with artists receiving 100% of the sales price. In the sidebar area of each model, you get the stats, file formats and they even let you know if it’s 3D print ready. But more are needed as there are only a handful of free print-ready, 3D models available at the moment.

The Prizes
The prize packs include 3D printer (kits) from Ultimaker, 3D prints from 3D Print UK, gift cards from Sculpteo, filaments from Filaco, subscriptions from Stash, as well as an opportunity to sell designs at the iMakr 3D Print store in London.

How to Enter
This competition is going on throughout June with the submission deadline, June 30, 2013, 23:59:00 PST. There are two categories of awards in the competition, one for best portfolio and one for best model, with each having one winner and two runner-ups. If you have a CGTrader account you’re already a step ahead. Next, Submit your model as an .stl file–as many as you like–high quality and 3D print ready. Get all the details for print requirements and submissions here.


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