solidworks presentation studio add-onThe thick wire mesh guarding us against the experimental research inside the SolidWorks Labs Studio nearly had to be re-enforced when a new program leaked out which allows SolidWorks users to create a quick portfolio-style .PDF of their 3D solid model.

Presentation Studio is an Add-in, a free add-in. Open a model, start a layout, select your options, type a little story about it and you get a snazzy looking PDF you can show that creepy guy at the supermarket. Here’s the details.

I’m likin’ me some presentation
First, Download it at SolidWorks Labs and install that sucka. Open SolidWorks, go to Tools, Add-ins and select the Presentation Studio checkbox.

solidworks presentation studio settings

You need to a part or assembly open. The Presentation Studio command show up as the last tab on the CommandManager (update: or right-click on the toolbars to turn the Layout toolbar on. Thanks Mike.). From either one of those you can select Layout to display the Presentation Studio Property Manager. The setting allow you to:

  • select from 4 different layouts
  • add a title, summary and description
  • select which views you want to include

solidworks presentation studio manager

After you’ve spent a few minutes doing all that, hit OK and a .PDF is created in the location you specified. Here’s an example of the above faucet.
solidworks presentation pdf

What Else?
You can view the 3D model directly in the document – rotate, zoom and pan or switch between the views you selected when you created it. The PDF file size may get pretty big with large models. This faucet PDF was right at 1MB.

Update: according to Brian McElyea Presentation Studio will not run on x64.

Overall, Presentation Studio is a a great free add-in for creating a very quick and perty presentation of your model. It’s not as comprehensive as something you get with Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Portfolio Tool in Version 9, but it’s better than some static images in an email.

What would you use it for?


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