how will multitouch in windows 7 be used with solidworksThe news about Windows7, Microsoft next OS, has been pouring out of the seething cauldron of Microsoft PDC this week, getting all the fanboys and multi-touch crazies in a ruckus.

Are you all just extremely AMPPED? No? Well, for those gnashing their teeth over Vista, the new OS promises to be the escape Microsoft wants to provide it’s ever so constrained loyal user base, and they plan to provide it even before 2010 gets here.

However, this raises some interesting questions for 3D CAD users. Multi-touch navigation across the screen? How will display technology develop? What engineering design companies are aware of these technology changes? Enjoy a very choppy preview video, my thoughts and your opinions after the break.

Windows 7 Preview

How will this affect 3D CAD?
Not much… at first. It will be neat to navigate, pan, zoom, etc. through everything. It’s actualyl hard not to get carried away with the possibilities here. What I do hope is that 3D CAD vendors, especially SolidWorks, is looking at, not only the onscreen interactive manipulation of 3D geometry, but also command structure and workflow.

Multi-touch becomes much less linear and opens up a lot more possibilities for how commands are initiated and completed. Oh, and this doesn’t all have to be done with hands either. (It’s beyond me, why there has been very little research into multi-point input technology.)

Anyway, enough of my opinion, what do you think about all this? What’s your wildest dreams for SolidWorks utilizing functionality in Windows 7?

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All sorts of display technology this week…
Samsung displayed its new 4″ superthin, highly flexible .05mm OLED screen.
Metaio is mixing the physical with the virtual with their 3D augmented reality program.
Shinoda will start 125″ curved plasma screen production May 2009

Windows 7 on a flexible display? a curved display? hmmm.


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