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Proof: Apple’s New Mac Pro Will NOT Grate Cheese

When the newest Mac Pro was announced by Apple in June, people were ecstatic. Not because of the computer’s maximum CPU capacity of 28 cores/56 threads and 2933MHz memory, but because the hardware was a return to Apple’s tower design after years of a thermally limited, although quite compact, ‘trash can’ style design. Featuring a new grille/grate design, the computer transfers heat faster than Tim Cook shedding his shirt on a hot summer’s day.

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Let’s Stop Saying “Think Outside the Box”

First, let’s agree, here and now, to no longer use the phrase, “think outside the box”. Henceforth condensed to “it”.  “It” is a cliché, a tired trope, a worn-out platitude that should have never made it this far riding on the backs of cheap suits. It is a sad piece of strip mall management seminar jargon akin to “synergism”.

Who Needs a Knife? How to Make a Food Slicer from Wood

In the age of online shopping and near-instant gratification, it’s not very often we see people creating their kitchen appliances from scratch. Let alone—kitchen appliances made from popsicle sticks and razor blades. Just check out this DIY food slicer from YouTuber Delta Hack. Using popsicle sticks, wood, razor blades, and a simple rotating mechanism, he creates a machine that can surprisingly slice some simple foods into clean cuts:

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HW Startup Tourism in Kiev, Ukraine: Concepter, Fabricator FabLab, DIY Lab, and IoT Hub

On the 3rd installment of “How to Network with HW enginerds in Europe,” we fly to Kiev, Ukraine! (AKA Kyiv, Ukraine.) I only had two days in this city but managed to tour three facilities and pack in four meetings, proving Ukrainians are awesome. In this short visit, I learned a lot of interesting facts about the challenges and perks of hardware development in Ukraine, which I’ll share here.

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Incredible 3D Animation of How A Glock 19 Works

If you’ve ever wondered how a semi-automatic pistol works without having to get anywhere within firing distance of one… then you’re in luck. 3D generalist and motion designer Matt Rittman has taken the liberty of animating a totally safe, digital recreation of the iconic Glock 19.

glock 3d animation