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What We’re Reading This Week:

What Should I Do About the Workaholic Who Works for Me?

The 80-hour-a-week employee may be less valuable than the 40-hour-a-week one, more likely to make poor decisions and more likely to succumb to a stroke or develop heart disease.

Will Science Ever Give Us a Better Night’s Sleep?

We, humans, spend a third of our lives asleep, oblivious to our surroundings and temporarily paralyzed. It’s a vulnerability that would seem to diminish our odds of survival, so evolutionarily speaking it must also somehow confer tremendous benefits. Yet our best guesses about what those benefits tend to come from observing what happens when sleep is curtailed.

Are Nike’s Vaporfly Running Shoes Too Good?

 The sneaker may have helped break the two-hour marathon barrier, but it could also bring additional scrutiny from the IAAF.

Aston Martin Has a Lot Riding on Its New, $189,000 SUV

The company’s cars are missing sales targets, and the stock has lost more than 70% since its IPO in 2018.

The Case for Sending Robots to Day Care, Like Toddlers

Robots are terrible at manipulating objects and adapting to new environments. A potential solution? Let them grow up playing, like children.

This Man Fought a Grizzly Bear with a Pocketknife

After losing his bear spray, Colin Dowler was caught with nothing but a tiny Buck knife.