Don your favorite bathrobe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this week’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

The Weekend Reader features a handful of the most interesting articles featured on the ‘Smack over the past week ranging from tips and tricks to inspirational designs, processes, and more. So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

Oh and uh…don’t forget to shed some much-needed sunlight on your face, too.

The $379 reMarkable Tablet Just Might Be the Best Digital Sketching Tool to Date

Despite there being more options than ever before for on-the-go digital sketching, it’s still all too easy to get lost in the maze of accessories, dongles, and apps needed to create a single line. Oftentimes, just pulling out an actual piece of paper is more effective when creativity strikes.


New Formlabs Engineering Resins Fistbump Manufacturing in the Face

Formlabs, who is now responsible for making a generation of designers and engineers giggle gleefully when they hear the word ‘resin’, has recently released a whole array of new engineering resins aimed at professionals for use in prototyping, molding and more.


The Little Designer Book Aims To Inspire Little Designers

Nestor Llanos is a 3D designer who has done a great deal pushing the envelope of 3D printing forward, but now he’s helping start others on the same path, with a book called “The Little Designer“.


Watch a Chain Link Fence Get Weaved Like a Giant Metal Sweater

As you might have guessed, manufacturing chain link fences involves a similar process to that of knitting a sweater—assuming that the machine is a mad giant with a flock of steel wool—bearing sheep.


Shapr3D for iPad Pro Adds Sketch Constraints, Dimensioning and More

Right when you think everyone gave up on putting parametric 3D CAD software on an iPad, a small, rebellious group of software developers launches an app that puts those large, money-laden software companies to shame. When we first saw Shapr3D, it was well on its way to cracking the CAD app conundrum – How do you put functional parametric 3D modeling on an iPad? Well, they’ve done it, and just released Shapr3D 2.0 that brings a few things it was missing.