The wraggle bunch of mufflins peeled back the fur from their eyes, peering squint-eyed and tippy toe to see just what strange concoction was in the wooden bucket. The rays had hardly burst over the horizon when they heard a squelch that turned their eye slits wide. For out of the bucket, rose the tentacles of these links.

Tu Bui – Simply massive worlds, ship interiors, mechs and wonderful work done for Titanfall from the L.A.-based concept and matte artist.

NASA Giphy – NASA just the thing that puts their video archive things on the the internet thing as animated GIF things, and it’s super spaceballs awesome.

Liquor Bottles – Glass liquor bottles are generally pretty cool, but these 25 are indeed the coolest to buy for the bottle alone.

Speeder Bike Jetovator – This is the absolute best. Devin Super Tramp and friends have fun re-creating the Star Wars speeder bike scene with modified Jetovators. How they did it here.

Coin Stacking – Yes, it’s a thing and Twitter user Thumb Tani has perfected the art of coin stacking with these amazingly intricate sculptures that seem to defy gravity.

Sprayed Tiles – Street artist Javier Deriba has a way with a spray can, creating intricate tile patterns in an otherwise boring, torn or destroyed interior/exterior space.

Made Objects – Joy Dilworth specializes in making sculptures out of the oddest combination of materials. Have a look and try to guess any of the materials.

Bozic – I could look at these surreal (and somewhat creepy) wildlife paintings by Tiffany Bozic aaaaall day.

Governed by Contagions – GAH!!! The first At The Drive In song in 16 YEARS. Punchy drums, crunchy guitar and Cedric Bixler’s chaotic vox.


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