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Siemens to Provide Free Solid Edge CAD Software for Launch Forth Members

Start-up capital has been a pain point—and roadblock—for many brilliant ideas that never end up seeing the light of day. Considering how costly software tools alone can be, it’s no surprise that some innovators refrain from moving forward at all knowing what they’re up against before even having a prototype in hand.

Simplify3D Updates Their Free Ultimate 3D Printing Material Guide

While the term “3D Printing” has become synonymous with creating physical objects, the underlying method of manufacture—additive manufacturing—is a diverse and complex concept spanning multiple materials and design constraints. From ABS to SLS, there are a number of different pros and cons when picking the best methods or materials to get the job done.

An Animated History of the Iconic Emeco 1006 Navy Chair

Developed in collaboration with the Aluminum Company of America in 1944 by Wilton C. Dinges, the Emeco 1006 Navy Chair is one of the most iconic chairs in the history of industrial design. Initially designed for the Navy submarines during WWII as a chair that could withstand the rigors of life at sea—including a torpedo blast—it has since become a mainstay in high-end restaurants and the catalogs of discerning interior designers. To date, more than one million of the chairs have been manufactured over the last half-century.

MIT’s ‘ColorFab’ 3D Printing Method Will Let You Recolor Finished 3D Models

3D printing in color can be costly. Given how much time and resources spent upfront, having a failed print isn’t exactly as easy to deal with as printing a 2D color picture incorrectly.

Pour Reception Challenges Modern Interfaces with Water-Based Commands

From face-scanning smartphones to always-listening voice interfaces, we’ve come a long way since using dials and knobs to control the world around us. As a natural side effect, we’ve also created a much larger arena to play with interface design. The Pour Reception radio from interaction designer Tore Knudsen is one such project that aims to challenge our perception of cultural understanding and what an interface is or can be.

Immersive Augmented Reality Sweetness is Finally Coming to SolidWorks

It’s not uncommon for SolidWorks World to feel a little bit like Christmas for serious CAD junkies. Not to mention, it’s a great time for partner companies to get their announcements heard while everybody is in the ‘holiday spirit.’