Don your favorite bathrobe, cream that coffee and get comfortable with this week’s SolidSmack Weekend Reader.

The Weekend Reader features a handful of the most interesting articles featured on the ‘Smack over the past week ranging from tips and tricks to inspirational designs, processes, and more. So lay back, relax and take a load off while reading the top ten stories on SolidSmack this past week.

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Sketchfab Launches Sketchfab Store, Lets Designers Monetize 3D Models

For the entrepreneurial 3D modelers out there, there is no shortage of 3D file marketplaces to generate a nice little bit of side revenue. But when it comes to 3D on the web, Sketchfab’s YouTube-like ecosystem of discovery, publishing, and sharing has consistently been among the most user-friendly.

The LighterSaber Is The Perfect Lighter for All You Star Wars Geeks

The LighterSaber, as its name implies, is a lighter which looks like those wonderful laser swords from that one movie, whatsit? Ah yes…. Star Wars. Instead of spending years in Jedi training, running around Dagoba with small greet creature attached to your back, Iqbal Ameer and Singapore-based Expedio Design are bringing you the next best thing in the palm-sized, butane-powered flame maker.

General Pencil Company Still Manufactures Writing Implements as They Did over 100 Years Ago

Pencils haven’t changed much over the last century, at least not for the General Pencil Company, one of the last pencil manufacturing companies in the US. While they do use conveyors and other machine shop tools, the pencils crafted there are still made by hand and have been done this way since the company opened its doors back in 1889 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

SOLIDWORKS WORLD and CSWP Celebrate 20 Years of Making You More Awesome

Wow. Woooooow. This year, SOLIDWORKS WORLD and the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Exam (CSWP) turn 20. What’s that? You were at the first SOLIDWORKS WORLD in 1998? You ARE OLD–Old as the hills.

Republic Lets You Launch (Or Invest) in Startups as Easily as Kickstarter

We’ve all heard of project crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and RocketHub (among many others) to get our projects financed and manufactured. But what if your ‘project’ is a business or, to be more specific, a more robust company to produce multiple projects rather than one? This is the premise behind the new startup-investing platform known as Republic.

App Smack 04.18: KYO, Betterment, Samsung Notes, Expensify, and More…

It’s time for another round of apps that cover the spectrum of your beloved mobile device(s)!