The LighterSaber, as its name implies, is a lighter which looks like those wonderful laser swords from that one movie, whatsit? Ah yes…. Star Wars. Instead of spending years in Jedi training, running around Dagoba with small greet creature attached to your back, Iqbal Ameer and Singapore-based Expedio Design are bringing you the next best thing in the palm-sized, butane-powered flame maker.

It isn’t made from materials found in a galaxy far, far away, but the LighterSaber’s outer body is a molded zinc alloy construction. It looks just like a wee lightsaber too with a design which went through several version before the final product version.


The lighter stands at 121mm, has a diameter of 25mm, and has a single nozzle jet flame located where the lightsaber’s “blade” would usually shoot out. Yeah, it’s not quite as dramatic as a five foot beam of hot light in your grasp, but you can look super geeky offering to light someone’s ciggy.


Arguably the best part about this little piece of geek merchandise is the built-in sound effect which plays whenever you activate the lighter. Just like in the movie, turning the Lightersaber on makes the iconic “whzzzpsht” sound of a lightsaber extending from the hilt. While there is only one flame color (*sad face*) and a ~2″ flame at best, we’re looking forward to seeing if anyone mods this Kylo Ren style.

The LighterSaber is live on Kickstarter aiming at a $60,000 goal. A bit hefty of a goal at an (also hefty) price of $65 a pop–apparently the price of being culturally relevant and situationally cool amongst fellow Star Wars fans.  You can also check the product’s Instagram profile for more out-of-this-world images.


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