There are just not enough opportunities in the world, the stand silently in a crowded room with a mask of your face… over your face. Amirite? Slap another one on the back of your head, a couple, in your arms, swaddled in blankets and you’ve got all sort of creepiness going on. The best thing? There are companies making all this possible. REAL-f, a Japanese outfit set to ‘Exceed the Real’ is one such purveyor of fine facial goods. With their Three Dimensional Photo Form (3DPF) photo mapping technology you, or your loved ones, receive a life-like 3d printed face chock full of gouges, scars, follicles, wrinkles and look of utter horror if you’re so inclined.

3D Printed Faces?

The technology that REAL-f is using isn’t actually the 3D printing that you’re thinking of. They do make mention of 3D printing the face, but the main finishing and color process is done via photo transfer using their 3DPF tech. You can grab a mask for US$3,920 (copies for US$780) with a full head ringing in at US$5,875 (copies for US$1,960). This is similar to what face-gifting company is doing. However, you can head over and upload right away, pick options to print yourself as a different race, age or gender and all at a cheaper price (US$49-$299).

Options… So good to have mask-making options. Now, if that intro image wasn’t enough to make you squirm, try these out.

REAL-f (Facebook) via Techcrunch


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