prototype-this-premiere on disocvery channel uses solidworksI warned you. Tonight, October 15th, four uniquely qualified engineers will begin a series to entertain your analytical mind with mind controlled cars, space-age sleeping pods, giant robots and anything else that borders on cool and impossible.

Discovery Channel’s Prototype This! premiers TONIGHT. Not only will they be creating concepts that shock your senses, they’ll be using SolidWorks to design many of the components they’ll cut with their Tormach PCNC 1100. Here’s the details.

Introducing Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike North, one of the four host of the show and resident SolidWorks guru, tells all about how they use SolidWorks to create concepts sent to a CNC. (picks up at the the one minute mark.)

prototype this using solidworks for cnc

You can see more previews of the show, what the format is like and see the specialties of each host. Before long you’ll know Terry, Zoz, Joe, and Mike like they were old friends.

What’s the show about?
Some of the words used to describe it… brilliant, hi-tech, latest tools, gadgets, INSANE. Here’s the first two episodes and what they’ll be exploring in each.

Episode 1
MIND CONTROLLED CAR – October 15 @ 10 e/p
Our team of inventors attempts to prototype a car that utilizes biofeedback sensors to restrict a cars performance as its driver’s agitation level increases. Joe and Zoz will use cutting edge biofeedback and mind control technologies as the brains of the prototypes while Terry and Mike retrofit the test cars for an extreme test to prove the concept: a demolition derby where road rage is inevitable.

Episode 2
BOXING ROBOTS – October 22 @ 10 e/p
The prototype team looks into the future of gaming — and giant, boxing robots are what they see. Joe and Zoz utilize a technology called optical glyph tracking to allow the robots to register and mimic their human counterparts’ boxing movements while Mike is charged with dressing the metallic skeletons and Terry with building the metal beasts themselves. And then it’s into the boxing ring for a metallic monster slugfest!

Gonna Watch?

Hawk Ridge Systems is the SolidWorks VAR helping out the gang. Prototype This! also use Ingersoll cutting tools that are designed with SolidWorks. Z corporation with their color 3D printers is also a supplier. (Jon Hirschtick, co-founder of SolidWorks, is on the Z Corp. board of advisors).

I just got the press release from SolidWorks about this. You can also see inside their shop and take a tour of all the tools they use, including SolidWorks, at Invention Central. Check it out!


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