Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, but the good news is that we’re all in this together ladies and gentlemen. As purveyors of prime Grade A web content, the SolidSmack crew has done some of the heavy-lifting to make sure you get your Mondays started on the right track.

Welcome to The Monday List.

Each Monday, we’ll link you up with some of the most insightful, informative, and socially-relevant stories to keep tabbed, bookmarked, reading listed, pocketed, or what have you. Be sure to check in each Monday morning for a new crop of freshly sprouted words curated straight from the source of your favorite homegrown ‘Smack.

What We’re Reading This Week:

How Alexa Fits Into Amazon’s Prime Directive
Last July, David Limp, an Amazon executive who works on Alexa, said in an interview with Fortune that the idea of an all-knowing machine, with access to all the world’s information, had captured his imagination since the first time he saw it on television.


Letter of Recommendation: Pedialyte
The cashier at the grocery store was friendly, and when she saw that I was buying three bottles of Pedialyte, she made a sympathetic moue.


35 Things No One Told You About Becoming “Successful”
1. It’s Never As Good As You Think It Will Be


The True Story of the Fugitive Drug Smuggler Who Became an Environmental Hero
When Raymond Stansel was busted in 1974, he was one of Florida’s biggest pot smugglers. Facing trial and years in prison, he jumped bail, changed his name, and holed up in a remote Australian outpost. Even more remarkable than that? His second life as an environmental hero.


A Forest Sanctuary Designed to Support Autistic Triplets, Their Parents, and a Host of Caregivers
Architectural harmony defines a family’s home near Lake Tahoe.


This Company Wants to Convert Used Clothing Into Fuel
“Nobody is doing it, because it’s so difficult.”