He was a small man with a light complexion. Always wearing that hat. Always walking down the same street with that cane, and a jug of ice tea and a pocket of change to toss in the 172 fountains he would pass on his day long walk. A day long walk, in search of these links.

Dominik Mayer – A beautiful amount of work with beautiful amounts of color. Ships and bots, and a strange preoccupation with elephants and flags being carried into battle.

Outside – If I got outside more often, I imagine doing something like the odd installations of Miguel Marquez. Assuredly a delight to watch people’s reaction to these.

Thread Art – Meredith Woolnough creates intricate threaded embroideries that look just like the delicate coral, shells and sea life that inspires her. See her blog for more on the process.

5.11 Men’s Tactical – Pants with 9 pockets, including knife and extra magazine pocket, made of non-fading polycotton ripstop, perfect for the range or outdoors.

SmartPlug – New from WeMo, a smart plug that can be controlled from anywhere, randomize your lights when you’re away and more.

HUDWAY – A slick, new heads-up display you can use in your car using the app on any mobile device. Makes you look a little more futuristic than the rest.

Jailblimp – The… wait… what? The blimp is a jail, that when hit like a pinata, breaks open letting the little inmates escape. Ok, makes sense now.

Rainbow Chicken – King of Random, Grant Thomson, makes a ‘rainbow chicken’ then proceeds to slice it with a scalding hot kitchen knife. See how he made it here.

Automaton – New today from Jamiroquai. You’ll probably want a helmet like this after you see the video.

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