It’s time to stop taking that van off-road. At least, that’s what my friends keep telling me. The kids like it, I say. But they yell, and tell me, it’s embarrassing. FINE. How about I drive up on their smug attitudes in a Local Motors rock-crushin’, path-rompin’ Rally Fighter? How’s that kiddos? It could happen, oh yes it could. If you’ve watched the community car building experience at Local Motors, you’ll know just how unique the Rally Fighter is. With a massive list of co-creators, the car went from a concept to a 6.2-liter V8 engine beast with an automatic transmission pushing 430 horsepower and 424 lb/ft of torque in a short 2 years.

To have your own, you would typically buy a Rally Fighter through Local Motors. You reserve a number for $1,000, pay $5,000 for a build date and walk away with a Rally Fighter for $59,000 after the build is complete. This could take months. But, if you just can’t wait and want to stop the heckling of your friends you can buy one right now through eBay. It comes at a premium though, US $84,800.00. Ready to ride? Take a look at just how cool this car really looks.

A big thanks to Butch who could probably make one of these by himself out of mustard and carpet scraps! Oh yeah! Ebay via Autoblog.


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