Well, it’s not every day you come in from towel whipping pigeons, sit down to your computer, swat away a few feathers and find a screen full of fresh SolidWorks video tutorials waiting for you. Today is such a day. Left coast bad-boy Alex Ruiz, who you may know as the SolidWorks Geek, has been busy over the past year putting together one of the most complete SolidWorks courses I’ve believe I’ve seen in modern times. It’s called SolidWorks 2011 Video Training (aff) and packs a beefy 96 lessons into 11.5 hours of personal Ruiz-style, video instruction.

Alex has been a great friend to SolidSmack over the years and a great source of entertainment at events. If you’ve had a chance to meet him or work with him, you’ll know his SolidWorks knowledge is on par with someone who eats and breathes the software. Even more important, he knows process and a lot of what it takes to get the most out of the program in the least amount of time. If you’ve been looking for a SolidWorks Training course, definitely compare the topics this one offers. It costs a solid $99 (£63.99/€74.99). You can download the course directly or order a DVD.

But wait, there’s more! Before you buy, there are 12 free demo clips you can preview. I recommend the Introduction to PhotoView 360 video.

Disclosure: The above links to the SolidWorks video site are affiliate links. SolidSmack will get a portion of the sales of each unit sold.


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