Sometimes, after you’ve been shopping for sock straps all day, you just feel like tearing a patch of your hair out, running into the forest and gnawing down a couple trees. After your lips are drooping against your neck in bloody mess, you may be thinking of other ways to terrorize small woodland mammals. One I might suggest, is the the John Deere Harvester. With the ability to cut, strip and slice a tree up to 24″ in diameter, it’s a machine of innovative log felling brilliance. John Deere actually has a whole line of wheeled and tracked Harvesters. Here’s a little video showing you just the kind of damage you can do.

The John Deere Harvester

YouTube video

The Waratah Harvester Head and John Deere Felling Heads are the real mechanical wonders behind the harvesters that make the carnage happen. The hand like mechanisms have up to 310 degrees of rotation, in which the operators can manipulate around trunks up to 2 feet in diameter, dishing out a torque that can turn a tree into a toothpick in a matter of seconds. Check it out.

Via Gizmodo. Thanks Butch!


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