domics-graphic.jpgSomething really cool just happened today. I guy I hung out with in Switzerland IM’d me and said,

‘The first 20 shirts are printed and sold!!’

He just had twenty screen-printed shirts made of a design he created and proceeded to sell them all.

No big deal right?
Well, he’s wanted to do this since I first mentioned it to him…five years ago. I told him how to do it and showed him some stuff in Photoshop. It was nothing you would think much more about or expect to be fruitful with the amount of time spent mentioning an idea in a single phrase.

‘You could…’
How does that open up immeasurable possibilities? This, combined with knowing how to use a tool, whether a hammer or a program, lays the causeway for one seriously potent and innovative delivery of material success.

So, just be careful what you say, you might inspire someone.

To see some of his graphics, check out his blog Domics.


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