ponoko-logo2.jpgYes, that’s right. Ugly, rabid monkeys with three toes and high tariffs.

Ponoko, the design-it, make-it, sell-it web site has quelled the fears of their users and completely slashed the prices for shipping around the entire known world.

If you’re in the US, shipping prices from New Zealand can be downright frightening. Actually, shipping prices anywhere from there or to there would typically be high. But now, depending on what material you use to make your product, the shipping cost is much lower. Here’s an example from the blog post.

To send a P1 anywhere in the USA was $51.36 it’s NOW $14.60

That’s a huge savings. Ponoko was attractive before, but I was apprehensive about shipping cost. This makes it even more attractive and I’m ready to try out some ideas I’ve had.

Ponoko shipping FAQ


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