Ugh, Wednesdays. Like a punch to the gizzard, only slightly less satisfying. Friday’s around the corner but just out of reach. What to do? Shake off the mid-week doldrums by taking a peek inside your favorite and perhaps not-so-favorite gadgets. Grab your toolbox and get inspired!
This week’s entry: a 3Dconnexion SpaceExplorer

Top Level Components & Sub-Assemblies: 42

  • Most unexpected surprise: Didn’t realize the heft of the SpaceExplorer came from a weight plate. Thought it came from burly electronics inside.
  • Most difficult item to access/dissassemble: The main screws located underneath the decal & rest pads. Adhesives are always tricky as the goal is to be able to put everything back together. Had to make an exception here.
  • Unsolved mystery: What the “2” marking on the upper shell piece means. 3Dconnexion’s revision control, perhaps?
  • What is Gut Check? Gut Check is a tribute to all the design, engineering, and manufacturing peeps out there using 3D/2D/Whatever-D day in and day out, to create and bring to life the products that we all use and enjoy every day. You’re the ones who are down in the trenches, making it happen. It’s also a look at the complexity and beauty of seemingly simple products. One look under the hood will reveal that almost anything is a “large assembly” and requires an enormous amount of time and effort to make everything come together in something that embodies the epitome of form, fit, and function.

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