Don’t you just love art installations that make your optic nerves twist around each other in jaw-tightening delight? LOVE IT. This is just such an installation. It’s an exploration of process brought to life in a 3D environment by Christoph Bader of DepotVisuals. What at first seems abstract shapes become a duo-tone delivery of slices and spheres to keep you looking for that vortex opening under your right armpit. Yes, that one. Check it out.

Most of my works are based on processes. First a process or a set of instructions is defined and then some variables within the process are varied to get different visual outcomes. These different result then form a series.SuckerPunch

The top three images are an installation named Kugeln which is German for ‘roll.’ The bottom three is one named Schnitte meaning ‘sections.’ Both were created using the SubD/NURBS modeler Houdini. If you want to see more don’t miss the interview on 3D Total or a look through other forms at DepotVisuals.

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