stop-bloggers.jpgYesterday was sort of a blow off day on the Blog/News scene. You gotta pretty much figure that half the stuff you read on April 1st is gonna be bunk. While a lot of people think it’s complete idiocy, it’s also a chance to lighten up and see different aspects of how people think or what they can come up with.

Some of the stuff you can actually learn from too. I did the animal fur post, not even thinking; pure random thought vomit. But when I saw some comments and actually looked at it again, it made me think of all the drawings I see on a daily basis that do exactly what I did. Somehow though, it’s acceptable to say “Trim to Fit, Paint to Match” and leave any reference to woodland creatures out of it.

Likewise, you go over to Mike Puckett’s post and you get a verbal caricature of some of the people in the CAD scene. Yearly events, that have come to create interaction more and more online, paint a picture you don’t usually see and they’re just fun to be involved in. It’s great to meet some new people in the comments and on Twitter.

I’m glad a lot of you commented on those posts and I appreciate the emails I got too. Rockin’


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