gmail-google-sync.jpgOk, enough of the silly posts. Time for something seriously cool and real. If you use Gmail, it’s an absolute pain to have it synced with Outlook. On top of that, if you use Plaxo and have all your other email accounts synced with Outlook, your Gmail account is an abyss of random email addresses and calendar entries.

Cemaphore is changing that with MailShadow® for Google Apps that ties Outlook and Exchange Server to the Google backend, giving you seamless interoperability with your offline and online email and calendar management.

This is big news and badly needed. My Gmail is like the missing link for contacts and calendar even though I manage all my emails from it.

MailShadow is in private beta right now but you can learn more and sign up at the Cemaphore site. Here’s the demo that Scoble caught earlier today.

Via Scobleizer


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