visible-body-logo.jpgSo, tell me. What would you do if you could peel back your skin (the body’s largest organ) and examine your endocrine system and lack of muscle fibers? I’d do it… if it didn’t sting so much… and now you can to with the painless and, yes folks, amazing,

visiblebody01.jpgNo assembly required
As a curious child, you may remember that model of the visible human body sitting on the shelf at K-B Toy store. (They still sell one version.) Those days are gone and you can can get your fill of nervous systems and pancreatic ducts at your computer while you wolf down a meatball sub.

Ages 4 and Up
There’s lots of applications for this. Hospitals, schools, the local dojo, but for me it’s interesting because I had a bout with the ol’ Colitis and whilst I saw plenty of pictures of the inside of things, I never saw the 11 systems on the whole. It’s also interesting because my dad is a doctor and now I’ll know what he’s going on about. (Hi pops)

Truly Amazing
This is really a lot of fun to play around with. The only (big) problem is you have to use Internet Explorer to run the app. There’s a quick sign-up too, but somehow all that is worth being able to turn muscular system on and off with the click of a button. Try it out.



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