I love new developments in interface design and the whole questioning why we do things the way we do. I cover some of it in the Tech to Watch category and have focused a lot on monitor technology.

However, one aspect of interface design is the mouse. You have the SpacePilot to reduce mouse clicks (but adds 21 buttons), the typical 2 and 3-button mouse and of course the sleek Mighty Mouse for the Macs. But have you ever seen a buttonless mouse or even better a clickless interface?

This has been played with since Flash came out and created a more interactive user environment, but I haven’t seen it done quit as well as Not only is the interface very intuitive, the movement has been minimized and interaction happens even before you have the opportunity to think about clicking.

I recommend checking out, because it’s more than just a cool interface experiment. They combine history, experiments and explanation of the technology that really make you think of what’s possible.

But what about you. Would you miss the click?


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