What happens when you take an artist, turn him into a software developer and stir in some Java OpenGL?

Answer: Mark Napier and some funky looking stuff

Play with some of the links on the right side at his site. I made this with one of his programs.

solid distortion

Now this isn’t done in SolidWorks, but in the past I’ve done some interesting things with the Displacement filter in Photoshop (Filter, Distort, Displace…) to some SolidWorks models. Here is a model that I distorted using a rusty street sign.

melting model

While not as complex and interesting and cool and interactive as Mark’s stuff, you can do a lot of interesting things when you put two strong programs and some creativity together. Have you done anything to create some art with SolidWorks?

Found via:Wired Multimedia
Also check out: Mark’s Blog


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