solidworks-form-featureIf you’ve upgraded to SolidWorks 2009 SP2.1, you might notice a message for an obscure feature that helps you make lil’ bumps on faces. The Shape feature. Turns out, this particular feature will not be available in SolidWorks 2010.

Yep, so now, you and that one guy in South Dakota who use it to make fake indentations on sheet metal parts are going to have to move on to another feature. What could it be?

Here’s the message you’ll see…


So, the FreeForm Feature it is. A wonderful feature as a matter of fact, and it just so happens it’s in the same menu as the Shape Feature. (Insert, Features, FreeForm). It’s a great tool to work with that we’ll get into with a future post.

Right now, you’ll see this message when you attempt to create a Shape feature, or if you have an existing Shape Feature in the FeatureManager, you’ll see and warning icon.

Do you use this feature? Are you just preparing for the worst now!?


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