Oh the joys of being able to put ‘Smack’ in a headline and having it actually rhyme. Don’t forget this day folks. DON’T FORGET IT. Not for the reason of rhyme, but for the very reason that Luxology, has automated package design ecology, and is crackin’ render scenes with no apology. Check the tech-nology.

Package Design and Construction Kit (PACK)

Give me a beat… and then give me five bottles of your best detergent rendering. WHAT? It’ll take you a few hours? No, not if you have PACK. PACK is the Package Design and Construction Kit from Luxology. The only one of it’s kind, I might add. It has the presets, the textures, the assemblies and the tutorials to make your cans of Mrs. Otis’ Goat Latherer look super goaty and super-realistic.

Package Design for modo

Having all the pre-made cans, bags and containers is nice, but what thoroughly impresses me is the folded panel presets, 53 in total, that can be “snapped together to create 2D box templates complete with tabs.” So, not only do you have the 3D shapes to customize, you also have the all important 2D to make sure the box is buildable.

All together you get:

  • 28 Base Shape Presets
  • 35 Container Seal Presets
  • 82 Pre-Built Packaging Models
  • 53 Panel Presets
  • 22 Texture Maps
  • 11 Scene Assemblies
  • 18 Tools
  • 3 Project Tutorials (2 hours of video instruction)

Here’s Andy Brown giving a demonstration of how you would use PACK in modo and properly shelve the containers. It’s much more than just drag and drop and you’ll see exactly how many options you have over the models and presets.

YouTube video

The PACK can be purchased and immediately downloaded direct through the Luxology website on the PACK feature page for $199.00. Now, all those empty bottles of antacid you’ve guzzled during your deadlines will be but inspiration for the bottles of efficiency you’ll soaking your render sores in.


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