Some people call it a car. I call it pure awesomeness wrapped in a shell of pure awesomeness. It’s a Bugatti Veyron. And since it’s the most expensive car of modern history, it may be slightly challenging to even gaze upon it’s sleek frontal area or run your fingers along it’s hydraulic-powered rear spoiler. Chin up. A free Bugatti Veyron model is within your reach. Even better, there’s a SolidWorks surfacing tutorial that goes along with it. Punch it.

Free Bugatti Veyron Model

World renowned purveyor of multiple website franchises, Ben Eadie, has delivered the Bugatti Veyron model to the GrabCAD community. It’s available as a supplement to a Bugatti Veyron modeling tutorial he has just released. While the 3D model is free, the 15 video tutorial set and rendering guide runs a mere $25 – all coming from a SolidWorks Pro who knows how to show the best methods for surfacing.

Of particular interest is the way this model has been constructed. I believe Ben is obsessively organized, but this goes a long way toward creating a model that in lightweight and laid out in a way that guides you through the process of modeling a car in SolidWorks. First, grab the Bugatti Veyron model over at GrabCAD, then definitely check out the tutorial.


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