I love a good yacht design. Particularly if it’s covered with mermaids, seahorses and has sails covered with the illustrative history of sea serpents. Fortunately for you, Ramazan Kaya doesn’t share my appreciation of sea legends and instead prefers to amaze you with in incredibly stylish design. He’s known for his Yacht designs, but had just as many examples of curve-shifting, conceptual car design. We caught up with him to get his take on the process and what he feels is the most the most important factor for creating 3D concepts.

Ramazan Kaya Yacht Design

Ramazan is founder of EntaStudio based in Bursa, Turkey. His process typically flows from sketch to 3D model in SolidWorks, rendering in KeyShot with a little Photoshop post-processing thrown in at the end. Not too unusual a process, but for Ramazan the process begins with ideas from the surrounding environment, pictured clearly in his mind as he closes his eyes and imagines the lines moving through the water. The complex surfaces for the vehicles or vessels can be challenging.” Ramazan says, “Having a good set of reference pictures and 2D sketches that you can bring into a 3D sketch to create the curvilinear lines to drive the surfaces is the most important step in the process.”

For all of his conceptual design, he prefers to use SolidWorks. “Often, I encounter surfaces that can take a lot of time to create – whether making small changes or waiting for the model to rebuild. With each new version of SolidWorks it becomes a better solution for reducing the time it takes to create complex surfaces. In cases where I need to re-edit a feature SolidWorks dislikes, it’s simple enough to create it using another feature or different parameters.”

Really, who can get enough of Yacht design like this. I can’t. It’s a great example of how a very complex shape such as a boat hull can be created in SolidWorks. Here are some other images of the work Ramazan does. If you’d like to continue to see the concepts Ramazan creates, you can follow his design blog


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