When I sit, it’s got to be in style… long, wooden style that bends and wraps around the urban landscape creating a perfect home for woodland creature and vagabond alike. Just try to tell me that wooden slates pushing against your spine is not comfortable. It’s one reason I’m thrilled with the new bench design project from the parametric design gang out of Novi Sad, Serbia. Dejan Mitov, Jelena Cobanovic, and Krsto Maja Radovanovic are the ModelArt Studio team spreading frames of wooden love across the concrete in a new urban seating project of infinite spatial proportion. What does that even mean? Grab a seat cushion and hit the jump to find out.

The klupa1000cm bench design

The team has used Rhino (and Grasshopper Generative Modeling I believe) to create a oscillating wooden structure that stretches as long as an area (or the law) will allow. It’s completely open inside, lined with lights to give that ever so subtle, “This thing lights up!” effect. The exhibit you see below measures 10mx1mx1m, but could be extended to a more unreasonable length by simply adding more slates of wood. This has Wicker Man written all over it, but as long as there are no neo-pagans around getting strange ideas, you should be able to enjoy the structure along with 10 meters of your best friends.

Via Freshome


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