If you’re a CAD specialist in Colorado with a love for all things bicycles, then you might be in luck.

Yeti Cycles, a high-end mountain bike manufacturer, is looking for designers who can help them come up with unique bike designs from conception to execution. Specifically, they are looking for a Design Engineer and a Composite Testing Engineer. 

The Design Engineer will have the luxury of flexing his or her imaginative mind (as well as their hamstrings), as they’ll be working with the talented engineering team to create CAD models and prototypes for upcoming bikes. Unlike other CAD specialists, however, they’ll have to know the ins and outs of bicycle mechanics, as well as have an understanding of vehicle suspension (this is where bike lovers will get a kick out of their favorite hobby).

The Composite Testing Engineer, on the other hand, will need to have more experience with composite design and manufacturing specific to the bike industry. Unlike design engineers, they will be developing Yeti Cycles’ composite manufacturing knowledge and optimizing it for product support, lab testing, and development. So yeah, they’ll likely be spending more time in a chair rather than in motion.

Regardless of the position you may be vying for, both play an important part in providing the northern mountain state with a means of transport. If you don’t mind relocating to Colorado (or if you already live there), you can find out more about the positions here.


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