Azerbaijan … it sounds sexy, cool and exciting … say it in your mind, “I’m going to Baku, Azerbaijan, for a 3D Print Conference.” Totally exotic and sexy right! Enough of the fantasy fare, now for the serious business on hand; Baku is a happening city and which is why the 3D Print Conference is being hosted there.

Industry leaders from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Europe and the United States will be on-hand to elucidate more on the current techniques and trends in the 3D printing space. The event is slated for February 12, 2015 at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Baku.

Essentially, this is a space for those in the field of architecture, art, jewelry design, medicine, cinema, education, transportation, cooking, and entertainment; more or less all forms of design. So besides learning the latest in printing techniques and detailed descriptions in their application, expect master classes in three languages: Russian, Azerbaijani and English.

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“Mission of the event is promotion of 3D printing and scanning technology by means of educational program, workshops and exhibition of manufacturers and distributors. Usage of 3D printing in business is competitive and more cost efficient, and in everyday life it provides a possibility to produce unique items under individual sketches.”


It should be interesting to hear what the select group of speakers have to say about implementing 3D technology in the industry and how to earn on it. Another field of interest is the application of the 3D printer in medicine. If it were to us, then a lot our time would be spent taking the prospects for 3D technology usage in industries like jewelry, fashion, food and architecture. Those closer to home would perhaps be interested in knowing more about the impact of 3D technology in the local Azerbaijan educational system and in the field of science.


If you do end up going for this conference, then head to the Demo Area where The Russian brand Picaso 3D will be printing a model of the city of Baku using one of their printers. Head over to the show’s site to see how to register.