A new calculator from BestForCAD.com instantly computes the payback of a hardware upgrade.

Ever wondered about the difference a better graphics card would have on your CAD productivity and your bottom line? You hear a lot about the general benefits of professional cards and GPU (graphics processing unit) technology, but rarely do you get a look at real numbers such as man hours saved, overall cost savings, and return on investment.

Now you can find all that information and more using the ROI Calculator available on BestForCAD, a new web site from Dell and NVIDIA that aims to help you determine the optimal configuration for your professional workstation.

The ROI Calculator is simple to use and takes just minutes of your time. After you enter your name, company, and e-mail address (and agree to Terms and Conditions), the site asks you to answer a handful of questions about the CAD user(s) who are upgrading and which graphics cards upgrades they’re considering.

Click Calculate, and the site displays customized results for each of the graphics card upgrades you specified. You can even print your results and convince your boss you need a better computer!

With the right hardware, you can increase the performance of your CAD applications. With this new ROI Calculator, you can find out by how much.