Each time there was a hiccup, more appeared. It was as if the stomach acids of the Sop Wharfer were capable of producing sop larvae with nothing but a recurring bout of mild indigestion. And the byproduct of the larvae, were millions and millions of these tiny, bubbly links.

Nikita Veprikov – Beautiful, every image. Brilliantly illustrated scenes full of detailed happenings and characters to be explored.
A113 – What is this strange number, and why does it appear in so many Pixar movies… and other movies… and tv shows? Is it a conspiracy? Nope, just a ‘fistbump.’
What is a Photocopier? – Do you have machines there where I can put in a paper document, push a button or two, and out will come copies of that paper document also on PAPER!??
Salt water – This is what resides in a single drop of water, plus or minus a few chaetognaths. So, turns out that it’s much more than a little salt water going up the nose.
The Elevator Pitch – Remember the film you wanted to make about the guy wanting to make the film about the guy making the film?
Mars revisited – Photographer Andrew Bodrov takes 30,000 pixels of 138 images taken on Sol 610 and presents this beautiful panorama of the not so red looking planet.
If you got it at five – You got it at fifty. Official video from Norma Jean. Yeah, going out a little harder this week, with creamy projectile vomit. What of it?


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