Those who thought wearable technology will be limited to watches and glasses are in for a big surprise. Promising to make you the next Harry Potter of our generation, the Nod is a ring that touted as the most advanced gesture control ring. The technology behind it is to promote an interactive experience with your devices remotely, making it immersive and engaging.

So how does this darn thing work? Imagine yourself being a symphony master, conducting a large orchestra or Professor Snape teaching Harry to cast a spell. Worn mostly on the index finger, you are supposed to use intuitive gestures that can help lower the thermostat, dim lights or even switch between apps on your smartphone and take selfies.


In essence, Nod is a universal controller that communicates effortlessly with all of your essential devices. The list includes phones, tablets, Google Glass, watches, home appliances, TVs, computers, ect. As far as compatibility goes, system works with phones and tablets running on iOS or Android, computers running on Mac OSX or Windows, Bluetooth and/or WiFi enabled bulbs, Nest thermostats, and more.


The company recommends that you wear the ring on your index finger, but feel free to slip it on any finger. Just don’t confuse this $149 ring as the diamond engagement ring for your gal; she will spew on you! Back to the basics: you don’t need to learn any new symbols … simply point and gesture naturally. For example, if you need to raise the temperature of your Smart Thermostat, rotate your hand to virtually adjust it. Just communicate your intent.


Nod comes in over 12 sizes and ships with three interchangeable inserts. This makes it the ideal fit for both right-handed and left-handed people. It can be worn all day and will withstand your gaming abuse. Wear two three of them if you like and be the gaming pro! Moreover you can even safely wash your hands or go for a swim with it on!

Smart enough to understand the multiple users that could possibly wear it, Nod reflects the controller’s user name when you interact with it on a smart TV. A fully charged Nod lasts you for a day, however you can recharge it via its beautiful box charger that hooks up to either a wall outlet or computer using a micro USB cable.

Presently, only matte black ring is available for pre-order, however new colors should be out in the future. If you live in the US, you can pre-order the ring; international shipping will follow suit later. A little bit of inside info: Nod’s core comprises of 80 different components and this includes two powerful CPUs and a superior flexible circuitry. Every trace is routed by hand, then optimally placed for the strongest possible signal, giving Nod’s antenna a notable 30-foot range.