You need to be a true coffee addict to appreciate the lengths that Paulig, a small Finnish coffee roaster, and TBWA – Helsinki, the Finnish counterpart of the international advertising agency are doing. The Paulig Muki is an innovative coffee cup that displays quirky selfies, favorite quotes and more on its e-ink display.

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Addicted? Those who love their cuppa java are known to be possessive about their mugs. So there is a good shot that this revolutionary coffee cup will be a success. It basically takes the heat from your hot brew to display a picture – which it sources from the smartphone app – to the e-ink screen.


It isn’t magic but in-depth technology that has been put into play. The cup uses the same technology employed with e-book readers: heat generated from the coffee is used to load a picture onto the screen. Once the screen is updated, the electricity is no longer required. The circuit board at the bottom of the cup is fitted with a Bluetooth Low-energy module that connects to the mobile device.


So basically a Bluetooth signal transfers your pictures from a mobile device (via the app), to the cup. The beverage temperature is displayed thanks to an in-built thermometer. To power the whole system, electricity is produced when the process of cooling down liquids is reversed. What this means is that heat gets transferred from the coffee to the aluminum component; the TEG-element uses the heat to juice up the screen. The mug will be available in 2015 in Finland, no news on the international collaborations as yet.