Fins 10 feet tall shot from the placid surface. Upon their edges hung the weeds of the Dorsal Sea, thousands hitting the wind with speeds that sliced our skin with salt and light shooting from every stipe and blade between the rays of these links.

Marc Simonetti – Currently working for MPC, the very talented Marc is two moons and dragons, and then some. Vast scenes, concept ships and oh so much more.

STEM Role Models Posters – STEM Role Models created by four female illustrators from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and China. 

Home – Series by Gohar Dashti inspired by what happens when people have to abandon their homes and human displacement occurs.

Gong Master – Sven knows his away around a Paiste Gong. Listen to the unsettling timbre that seems to resonate with an air of ominous mystery.

Matchbox Dog Lover – Ravi Amar Zupa is an amazing self-taught artist who has a new set of vintage-style matchboxes dedicated to dog lovers.

Bentley EXP 100 GT – British motoring company Bentley has unveiled the luxurious EXP 100 GT that looks to the features of 2035.

The Problem Solving of Filmmaking – A short video expanding on something the filmmaker talks about on the Shazam commentary track.

Editors Keys – Mac and Windows keyboards premarked with shortcuts for content creation and editing applications like Photoshop and Ableton Live.

Sawzall – Not the tool. The new single from BANKS.

YouTube video
BANKS – Sawzall 

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