He was a large man of burly stature with a thick black beard, scarred hands, and piercing blue eyes…eyes that could make even the saltiest of Kracken shiver in fear. He sat us young lads down in the galley as he removed a wooden leg that bore the marks of hundreds of bloody battles and the lives of thousands of men…men who attempted to cross his path in the mighty and unforgiving sea. As the deafening, thunderous rain and strobing cracks of lightning shook the waves outside, our mysterious captain went on to tell us about the stories behind these links.

Ashley Wood – With a CV including work for video games like Metal Gear Solid, Ashley Wood’s robot-intensive works inspired (and oftentimes done with) traditional media are just as beautiful as they are dark.

EnjoyCSS – Love it or hate it, CSS is here for awhile. Fortunately, this handy little tool can help you generate that sweet, sweet code.

XXL Watermelon Jello Shots – Jello. Shots. Depending on your method of imbibing over the Fourth of July weekend, we’ll leave you to your own devices with this one.

Boom City – Andrew Waits’ cross-sections of fireworks make you kind of wish that they didn’t go BOOM so quickly. Appreciate the beauty of explosives from far away with his unique photo series.

Notebook Mockups – Need to make those digital sketches look a little more…analog? Overlay them onto these free blank notebook spreads.

Tim Howard’s Saves in One Image – Still considered to be one of the best goalkeeper performances ever, here is an image that shows all of Tim Howard’s incredible saves during the USA vs Belgium World Cup Match.

Feed Live Fish From Your Browser – You heard that right. This web app allows you all the joys of having a fish tank including the sounds and feeding sessions. Keep it up on your spare monitor and you might trick yourself into thinking you have a desktop fish tank?

Wrist – You don’t have to have a watch collection to enjoy the wonders of watch designs over the years. Wrist is a collection of iconic watches that display the actual time in your timezone. If that fish tank didn’t work out for you spare monitor, maybe a Casio F-91W will.

Prospect – Prospect is the coming-of-age Sci-Fi story of a teenage girl on a toxic alien planet. She and her father hunt for precious materials, aiming to strike it rich. What happens next is…well, go check it out.

Dash – This interactive coding teacher from General Assembly is perhaps the easiest and most effective way of learning how to code a website from scratch. The automatic save session feature means that you can do a little bit at a time and come back to a lesson…nice!

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