Down in the alley, there were always more than enough shin nibbles to go around. You never knew if you were going to walk out scarred for life, or with new rat friends singing a quintet on your forearm. Though half of them had eyes and legs missing, they certainly knew where to find the roots of these links.

Michael Vincent Manalo – Slightly surreal, slightly symmetrical, completely enchanting work from the Taiwan based artist in his quick sketches and digital paintings.

The Lycurgus Cup – In 300 A.D., the Romans had some pretty fancy glassware. This cup when lit from behind turns red, and lit from the front turns green.

Galaxy jigsaw – It’s appropriate that this galaxy jigsaw puzzle from Nervous System has infinite number of ways that it can be assembled. 133 pieces, made from plywood, pre-orders available.

16-Pointed Shuriken – Make this simple 16-pointed paper ninja throwing star and amaze your other ninja friends.

T120 Bonneville – This bike is beautiful. Just look at that cushy seat, and that tread.

Echo vs Google – Adam Jakowenko decided he would have Alexa and Google Home ask each other questions on an infinite loop asking each other the same question over and over.

Rogue One Jackets – Columbia, outfitters of fine outdoor clothing, have created a series of officially licensed Rogue One inspired jackets/coats.

Iron Giant LEGO Set – This LEGO set needs to happen. IF only his arm did the transforming thing.

The One Moment – Is there anything better than a new OK GO video? New, from the album Hungry Ghosts.

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