We jumped two by two into each puddle. It could have gone on all day, poppin’ and hoppin’ like those small, mechanical bugs we would squish on the walls, just to see them spark and explode. Those bugs. Yes, the same we use to ride in the summers. But the memory of what happened between then and now was a mystery. And all we could link it to was the day we unearthed these links.

Alex Andreev – Surreal with a side of sci-fi and two squeezes of creepy. Amazing concepts with many black and white pieces that seem to capture memories.

Anxious Anticipation – Aaron Tilley has a knack for capturing the most uncomfortable moment of random objects in motion. Not for those prone to easily being overcome with anxiety.

LEGO Labyrinth – I always found the Labyrinth marble game highly frustrating, but this one from LEGO is genius, and also still frustrating, but genius. Original idea by JKBrickworks. In stores April 1.

Traveling Cars – Are they little cars or large scenes? Kim Leuenberger has some big advetures, capturing her little toy cars in the most dramatic of situations.

Shapes in Motion – Just your standard shapes–cubes, spheres and the like–set in motion to the music of Adrien Marrec. Animation by Jordan Coelho.

Barcelona Floors – Barcelona. One of my favorite places. If you ever visit, be sure to look at the floors. See some here and grab the guide.

5 Million Week – How do you make $5 Million in one week? Tim Ferriss brings you a blueprint for doing just that from famed entrepreneur Ramit Sethi.

True Brew – Sweed rockers Millencolin follow their 2015 release with the True Brew EP. More Millencolin in the monitor. Swedish version too.

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