In case you’ve been sitting there staring at your new 3D printer for two weeks straight, wondering what to do next, and you’re badly in need of a shower, we’ve got some news for you. The sharp all-things-3D teaching team over at SolidProfessor has two new 3D Printing courses that are bound to get you churning out globs of 3D printed goodness.

They have two courses to kick off the 3D Printing material including, Introduction to 3D Printing with 2 hours of video over 27 lessons, and 3D Printing with Makerbot, with 18 lessons over a single hour. The intro course goes over terms, history and 3D printing technologies, then gets into the software, design environment and printing your design. The Makerbot course goes more in-depth, looking first at workflow and setting up your CAD files for print, then you’ll go over output settings and strategies to consider to produce the best possible print. Both lessons include exercises to get you on your way.

These courses will help users navigate the landscape of all the 3D printing technologies available, as well as understand how they can use 3D printing with their current 3D CAD skills. For those who don’t currently have any experience with 3D modeling, Introduction to 3D Printing will show free resources that they can use to start modeling right away. For experienced users, they will learn about more advanced tools and technologies that can be used to take designs from digital representations of designs to physical objects that will be held in their hands.

The 3D Printing courses will be added at no additional cost to the accounts of members who have either SolidProfessor for SOLIDWORKS or SolidProfessor for Autodesk Inventor and, in case you didn’t know, you can watch the first five lessons of any SolidProfessor course for free. If you’ve ever wanted a good understanding of 3D printing or know someone who does, this a good place to start. With all the 3D printing options out there and how many designers and engineers have been using it for years, a course like this has been needed for a while. We’re looking forward to what other 3D printing/additive manufacturing videos they come out with next.