A large crease appeared. Metal stretching along its head, down the neck, seams splitting, pins snapping. The cold kept the air still, sound pounding from the cavern through the chest, when the fur inside opened the machines hollow cavities and engulfed these links.

Pat Presley – Beautiful environments with everything from concept ships and vehicles to undersea creatures and worlds of Star Wars.

Key in the Hand – Installation artist Chiharu Shiota latest exhibit is a mix of red wool, old boats and 50,000 old keys collected from people around the world.

Walk Cycles – You know you’ve always wanted to learn how to create them. Alan Becker shows you how.

Warp Speed – A Sci-Fi Noise Generator. More ‘Control Room’ in the monitor. Kinda makes it feel like you’re on a space ship floating through space. Thanks Thomas.

Cubes – You know how we like cubes here at SolidSmack, so these 98 raw foods cut into perfect cubes are a perfect treat.

Age of Ultron UI – If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember it. If you’ve not, this will give you a deeper appreciation for it when you do.

If everything was bundled like cable – Yep.

Cross-blade Axe – Double the pleasure, double the fun, with DIY, double axe cuts.

Rheoscopic Disc Coffee Table – Two, for the price of one, DIY Friday. Can’t leave this sweet coffee table out.

Mercury – Scam Avenue is a trio from Brooklyn and this is their trippy, new video from their debut EP.


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