The lights flooded the blades of grass, shadows of the hills falling sharp. We ran up and down, roller coasting ourselves through the mist and beams, jumping sometimes, rolling, missing the lasers shooting from their eyes just barely by grappling and swinging on the stringy back hairs of these links.

Brian Sum – Ahh, what we need is a good dose of mech sketches, and Montreal-based artist Brian Sum is just the gent to bring it this week.

Dernier Acte – Danglard, he’s going to think twice about building that luxury shopping mall where the theater stands. Or not at all.

Per Fhager – They look like screens from old school video games don’t they? You’ll be shocked to find out how this guys actually makes them.

Unsatisfying – Bah! All those moments in life that are stupendously unsatisfying, and downright frustrating, beautifully animated by Parallel Studio. OCD’ers beware.

Retro Dino – Hong-Kong based jewelry maker, Ooo Workshop, is the creator of interesting retro dinosaur toy earrings and other oddities.

Ash Dancer – “A meticulously constructed, life-sized, self-drawing, human skeleton made of solid graphite” that will vibrate itself into nothing.

Fav Deals This Week!
Deals to good to pass up for this week! – Great buy on an ATV winch, a compact hammock with straps, a steal on a HD FPV drone, pano camera and a nice tumbler I just picked up!
Superwinch (50% Off)
TNH Camping Hammock – (46% Off)
Air Hog Drone (36% Off)
V.360° HD Panoramic Camera (33% Off)
RTIC 30oz Tumbler (29% Off)

The Short Dance – Willie Burns, that guy, dishes out the goodness on a two disc set titled Moon Temple. This video is from lead song on Moon Temple II and some good vibes to lead you into the weekend.

YouTube video

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