You had to press the pedals at the same time to enable the jump jets. No, not the ones by your hand. The ones by your knees. If you grew up doing hip flexors you had an advantage. That, combined with any firepower you could scavenge would get you closer to these links.

Stuart Lippincott – He’s a graphic artist and sound designer. These are his everyday projects filled with surreal bits of space, scene and odd structure. Best listening to his music whilst perusing.

Guggenheim museums online – They’ve put their collection online for all to view. Not quite the Google Arts & Culture site with hi-res zoom, but nonetheless impressive.

Time Paintings – Artist Fong Qi Wei does some interesting photography. These are layers of the day, single location shot and layered atop the other. And here it is in motion.

Nima – Ross Tran of Ross Draws is finally putting out his first book focused around his Nima character developed over the past four years. Funded on Kickstarter now.

Sculpting Link – SculptuerrGeek Chris Vierra shows you the process of sculpting Legend of Zelda’s Link in this 10 minute video, with Majora’s Mask, Song of Healing- Koji Kondo of course.

Avocado Stone Faces – This has me captivated. Sculpting the seed of an avocado. The amazing work of Jan Campbell carved in the tiny pit of the delicious fruit.

Bellbottoms – Just saw Baby Driver this week. Good flick. One of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a long while. This is the first song in the movie.

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