Don’t you just hate it when your keys jangle in your pocket? Jingle-jangle-jingle, here comes Bob. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to let complete strangers know I have more keys than a night-shift janitor. Jingle… jangle.

Who knew that after years of restless jangling, the simple solution is a spring to keep your keys in place? CopperMill apparently did, and the San Francisco based design company is bringing thier brilliantly small, yet simply innovative EDC design to Kickstarter.

Called the Keyanchor, this one gram, grade-5, titanium multi-tool features no moving parts whatsoever. Composed of a keyring, a spring, and a wee anchor-shaped tool, it’s a multi-tool that could be a choking hazard for small children, but something MacGyver would want on his person at all times.

EDC multi-tool

The Keyanchor traps your keys using a removable spring design, restricting movement and any noise they produce. While this may make your keys feel like they’re silently being suffocated against each other, having a quiet step and organized pocket more than makes up for the death of a few inanimate objects.

But if you thought that’s all there is to the Keyanchor, think again. To add to its repertoire of skill-solving with simple solutions, the little anchor you thought was just a nifty, little keychain serves as a multi-purpose tool for a variety of situations.

EDC multi-tool

It opens bottles. It opens boxes. It doubles as a screwdriver and can even unearth those lovely bits of grime stuck beneath your fingernails – a win for hygiene, yay. While is doesn’t have features found in your everyday pocket knife, the Keyanchor is much smaller and far less conspicuous.

EDC multi-tool

There are two versions–four or eight key. The project was recently announced on Kickstarter and has until the 10th of August 2017 to be fully funded. It starts at $24 USD, but they have a $10 option for those who would prefer to have the design file to make or customize themselves. So if you want to reserve the jangling for the Christmas season and don’t want to leave your beers unopened (who does?), then head on over to the Keyanchor’s Kickstarter page to find out more.


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