10 bags of blistered tentacles crawled their way through the corridor. Eyes bulging against the cloudy sack to peer deep into the darkness of the chasm that rent the ship in two and caused the escape of these links.

Ivan Tantsiura – Exceptionally minimal scenes of concept ships. And then you get an enjoyable smattering of robots, facilities, and more.

Strike Your Fancy – What happens when cats have too much to drink. Artwork on matchboxes by Ravi Zupa and Arna Miller.

Bauhaus – If you use Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll have access to the Bauhaus fonts they’re bringing back via Typekit. Details here.

Devel Sixteen – Sixteen, because that’s how man cylinders are in this 5,007 horsepower, jet-inspired supercar. In production, with at least one in the U.S. at a price close to $2 Million.

Nimm0 – There are 880 possible order-4 magic squares. This is what that means and an example of just one, including the binary and the binary sum. Now find the other 879.

Peach Blossom Island – Chinese artist Yuanxing Liang sculpts characters and busts transforming their hair and surronding into surreal scenes.

Blue and White – 3D printed porcelain by Oliver Van Herpt, sort of an ode to the iconic Delft pottery of yesteryear.

Love Lost – A 3D interactive poem. Kind of sad, but also very cool.

Break Apart – Time to chill with a bit of Bonobo. Oh, and here he is at The LA Lab with Machinedrum.

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