Mondays might not be your favorite day of the week, but the good news is that we’re all in this together ladies and gentlemen. As purveyors of prime Grade A web content, the SolidSmack crew has done some of the heavy-lifting to make sure you get your Mondays started on the right track.

Welcome to The Monday List.

Every Monday, we link you up with some of the most insightful, informative, and socially-relevant stories to keep tabbed, bookmarked, reading listed, pocketed, or what have you to get your week started on the right foot. Be sure to check in each week for a new crop of freshly sprouted words curated straight from the source of your favorite homegrown ‘Smack.

What We’re Reading This Week:

Britain’s Robot Grocer Is Coming to the U.S.

Ocado is starting to thrive by selling its online shopping technology overseas to companies like Kroger.

Britain’s Robot Grocer Is Coming to the U.S.

How to Make More Free Throws

To improve your free-throw shooting, ignore the biomechanics of your shot for a while and concentrate just on your gaze.


The Wounds of the Drone Warrior

Even soldiers who fight wars from a safe distance have found themselves traumatized. Could their injuries be moral ones?

Drone Pilot

Flat-Track Racing Is the Most Exciting Sport You’ve Never Heard Of

And Shayna Texter may just be the best racer in America.

Shayna Texter

The End of Dyslexia

Innovations in brain research and AI-fueled assistive technologies could level the playing field for those with language-based learning disabilities.


How Technology and Smarts Help Athletes Push the Limits

Setting aside the questions about performance-enhancing drugs, how far have we come in our never ending quest to go faster, higher, and farther? And what are we learning about how technology and new training methods can help us push the limits of human performance?

Athletic Performance