Toy company Mattel and the portable camera savants at GoPro have really done it now: they’ve attached a camera to something you’ll never be able to ride or experience yourself.

Dubbed the Zoom In, this toy car comes with a hollowed-out body and stand which allows adrenaline junkies to slap a GoPro Action Camera on top of. One the miniature camera is on, users can get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be on the hood of a Hot Wheels car as it zips down, up, and around all those crazy tracks people make—such as this insane Beach Run:

YouTube video

The car costs roughly $1, and considering how much you’ll have to shell out to get an attachable GoPro Hero Session or Hero Session 5 camera (both of which are discontinued models and cost upwards of about $100), adding an extra dollar for a four-wheeled piece of plastic doesn’t seem too bad.

Hot Wheels Zoom In

Hot Wheels Zoom In

The Zoom In comes out later this month in limited quantities, so be prepared to see some awesome YouTube videos of cars going down impossible tracks.


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